Mira Security Sphere


In emergency situations or critical missions, human lives are endangered due to the delays caused by inefficient or incomplete data. Mira Security Sphere is a C3 platform, especially designed to answer the most important customer demands from different markets, to provide a better situational awareness, monitoring and controlling when an incident occurs Security.



Mira Sphere is a C3 management platform providing functionalities for emergency situations and security management, designed to:

  • capture, correlate and simultaneously analyze the information received from multiple sensors in order to increase the responsiveness and operational efficiency. The platform correlates the data and coordinates the entire response flow, starting with the threat or incident notification and further identifying and implementing the action plan.
  • monitors the events received from different systems using advanced algorithms for Case Management, resources scheduling and allocation, GIS functionalities, automatic reporting, recording the users actions etc.

The basic principle of the platform is the comprehensive view of an incident for each person in the operational chain, providing information about when and where an incident occurred and what needs to be done, following the workflow and standard response procedures.



  • Visual and audio automatic alarms – the operator is notified when an incident occurs
  • Incident management – the solution provides processed data to the operator for a quick alarm type identification ensuring a fast response following the operational procedure
  • Communication management – assures all the operative aspects of the intervention using voice, SMS, Chat, data
  • GIS and locations plans management – provides the users the incident and intervention teams real position, risk maps, simulation results etc.
  • Sensors management and integration – bidirectional connection to the sensors, providing to the users the necessary information about the incidents on one side and, on the other side, the possibility of programming and control
  • Resource management – the operator schedules the personnel and the main equipment per shift and allocates the most suitable resources (ex. personnel, equipment, materials and external resources) to solve the case
  • Reporting – the operator generates different report types which can be locally stored or exported


Scalable platform

Adaptable to the customer increased needs in time

The architecture can integrate multiple systems provided by different manufacturers on a single graphical interface

Tailored platform

Can be upgraded with additional functionalities and equipment as needed to meet the individual requirements of each customer

High performance C3 operations which can be applied on a wide range of markets and business sectors

Ergonomic interface

Intuitive interface, providing a facile operation. The usual and common actions are easy to perform by a single click or drag-and-drop, increasing the operator’s efficiency. With a unified and correlated view, the operator detains a Common Operation Picture (COP) and full control of all activities, being able to filter and automatically identify incidents or threats.


  • High availability system, designed for 24/7 operations
  • Integrated system which covers all the operational, management and intervention requirements
  • Flexible solution which can be integrated in the existing infrastructure
  • Real-time monitoring and improved situational awareness
  • Reaction speed improvement in case of emergency
  • The solution can perform a centralized operation
  • Fully monitoring and control of the users actions



Due to the integrated high tech systems, MSS has proven its value by providing protection for the world’s most demanding security environments:

  • Public safety
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Emergency situations
  • Border protection
  • Transportation
  • Industry