European Projects

Mira Telecom has participated and constantly participates in research projects together with both Romanian and European partners:


creation and validation of a quickly accessible mobile communications network, able to provide broadband communications services in case of a disaster. The project brings together 16 partners from 7 European countries and has a value of 11.2 million €.


development of a portable kit for the detection of persons trapped or buried under ruins or avalanches. The project includes 8 partners from 6 European countries and has a value of 1.4 million €.

Safe City

integration of a complex urban video surveillance system with the Internet infrastructure in order to enhance the role of surveillance systems and to ensure citizen’s protection. The project was implemented by Mira Telecom together with 14 EU partners at consortium and has a value of
5 million €.


development of an intelligent security solution for detecting and anticipating attacks on critical infrastructures. 13 partners from 7 European countries were involved in the project, which has a value of
4.7 million €.

Elsys Life+

establishment of an electronic system for improving the monitoring and control of shipments of waste in real time. The value of the project is 1.2 million €.

Eureka 5837 Adas

development of an automatic damage assessment system for cultural heritage leathers and parchments. The total budget of the project is 0.405 million €.


development of an automatic system for measuring the contraction of collagen fibers and for analysing and diagnosing valuable collagen-based historical materials. The value of the project is 0.725 million €.


design and implementation of a system based on multi-sensor technology for monitoring and managing the climate in museums and libraries. The value of the project is 0.310 million €.


development of a sensor for detecting traces of explosive materials based on compounds such as TNT. The value of the project is 0.325 million €.