System for acquisition, monitoring, analysis and recognition of vibrations for critical infrastructure protection (SmartVibes)

About the project

In Romania, but also in the entire European Union, special interest objectives (of the border crossings, power plants, chemical plants, water plants, nuclear power stations, government buildings etc.) must be protected against unauthorized intrusion of any kind. An insufficient protection level creates the threats with a serious effects to the population and / or special economic effects. Ensuring the protection is more difficult for targets located in remote areas with poor infrastructure or in protected ecosystems areas. Recent events from Europe and from international space, highlight the need for enhance the safety and the security of civil society, an important element being the elimination of illegal trafficking of the goods and the people.

Currently, there are the technical systems for surveillance and monitoring of the special interest objectives. The surveillance and the monitoring systems using highly complex, expensive and high resolution equipment (visible or infrared cameras, the radars, the infrared or the microwave barriers crossing, the infrared motion sensors or the ultrasound motion sensors); these technologies are ineffective in situations where direct visibility is reduced due to the natural obstacles (forests, rugged terrain, buildings, etc.) and the unfavorable weather conditions.

The idea of this project starts from the need to protect the special interest objectives by detecting vibrations and recognition these vibrations induced in the soil by the human activity (people, vehicles) in the monitored area. This should be considered an alternative to the existing surveillance systems. Through the arrangement of them (burying) and by passive operation (they do not emit electromagnetic waves), these sensors are undetectable; they can detect the induced vibrations without being affected by the obstacles from the protected area, that which is not possible, for example, in the case of the video surveillance systems.

The project goal is to expanding the capacity for acquisition, transmission, recording and analysis of the vibrations generated in the soil for monitoring, tracking and recognition of the human activity. Through this the project proposes to fill a gap in the current surveillance systems in terms of the monitoring efficiency by the location of the event, its recognition and early warning. By this project we aim to achieve an operational system SmartVibes (TRL 6), from an existing functional laboratory system (TRL 4).

TRL technological maturity level 4 is argued by an existing laboratory model system, SmartVibes, based on the platform for the  acquisition and the preprocessing of the vibration , developed in the European project ARGOS (Advanced Protection of critical buildings Overall Anticipating by System- http: / / where were present 13 European entities, including Mira Telecom company. Mira Telecom Company was involved in the ARGOS project to build a system for detection the ground vibrations caused by the movement of people / cars in the vicinity of the critical infrastructure and has ownership of that system.

To achieve the level of technological maturity TRL6 will take into account the following:

  • Designing the SmartVibes system (the operational designing) by eliminating the background noises, by increased the sensitivity to the interest vibrations, the operation in specific climatic conditions in ground installation system;
  • Making a full scale prototype of SmartVibes system in order to accomplish all the functions of an operating system, such as: setup, configuration, fast commissioning, easy operation.



The objective of the project is to prototype “System acquisition, monitoring, analysis and recognition of vibrations for the protection of critical infrastructure SmartVibes”. The SmartVibes system block diagram consists of the following components: the acquisition platforms for vibration preprocessing, the retransmission unit, the processing unit, end user.

The acquisition and pre-processing platform consists of the following components: the detection unit (3 modules of the vibrations acquisition, 1 acoustic sensor,1  humidity sensor), the communication unit (2 slots for communication with the retransmission unit – which can be the optical fiber, Ethernet or wireless), data preprocessing and control module (this manage the acquisition, the preprocessing, the communication and data control, correlating signals from sensors), the auxiliary memory (for storage the events), real time clock (for synchronization of the acquisitions), interfaces (for interconnection with sensors to the data processing and control module) and power supply (batteries, converters).

The platform will purchase by three geophones (takeover of the vibrations induced in the ground) and 1 acoustic sensor (to take over the atmospheric noise) the vibrations of people and vehicles. The acoustic sensor is used for increasing the likelihood of detection and the humidity sensor is used for determining of the vibrations attenuation in ground (depending on its state-dry, wet, etc.).

The innovative solutions in the project area are the following:

  • The SmartVibes system uses a sensor for making the hygrometric soil analysis for the characterization of the seismic wave propagation through solid medium; these types of determinations have not been found in the literature of the existing systems;
  • The SmartVibes system architecture and design lead to development of a system that harness the embedded systems technology, in order to obtain a miniaturized product with low power consumption, reliable and easy to install.


The Partners

COORDINATOR – MIRA TELECOM S.A., Bucharest,  Dristrict 2, Doamna Ghica Str., no. 12, bl. 1, sc. 3, et. 7, ap. 87, postal code 022834, mailing address: Otopeni, Ilfov County, Nicolae Grigorescu Street, no. 13, postal code 075100, tel: 021.351.85.56, fax: 021.351.85.35, e-mail:, represented by:

Project Director Dr. Eng. Vasile – Gabriel Iana, tel. 0745.905.049, Fax: 021.351.85.35, email:

The Coordinating team has competencies in this area: systems design with microcontrollers, microprocessors, analogic system design with low noise, digital signal processing, system integration, testing and approval of the electronic systems; digital systems design, implementation of the algorithms based on the artificial intelligence, software programming, creation of the system architectures, development of the technical specifications, testing and validation systems; realization of the electronic circuits, software programming, mechanical parts and enclosures achieve.

PARTNER – UNIVERSITY OF PITESTI, Pitesti, Arges County, Târgul din Vale Str., No. 1, postal code 110040, tel: 0348.453.102, fax: 0348.453.123, e-mail:, represented by:

Responsible for the project: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Mihai Oproescu, tel. 0726.107.142, Fax: 0348.453.200, email:

The partners team has competencies in this area: Hybrid electrical power systems design, design of the dc-dc switching power supplies, implementation of the systems based on the renewable energy with the photovoltaic panels; technological design of the electronic circuits, electronic systems development specifications, development and implementation of algorithms based on artificial intelligence for the recognition of patterns, implementation of digital signal processing algorithms.



The SmartVibes project will generate a system for enter into a relevant environmental vibration detection and recognition of the human nature. To achieve the project objectives, the plan is structured in 3 phases which comprise 11 sub-activities: 8 of them being technical and 3 sub-activities are non-technical – posed by the dissemination and the exploitation of the results and the management of the project, which will run for a period of 24 months.

In order to fulfill the activities will be involved: the coordinating team consisting of the project coordinator, 3 researchers, research engineers, 3 technicians; and the partner team consists of the partner responsible and the researchers.

Activity / sub-activity
Stage E1. Development of the technical specifications for the intelligent platform design – industrial research
Stage E2. Realization / building, integration and testing of the prototype
Stage E3 – The prototype testing and validation


This project is sustained by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) through Programme 2 – Increase the competitiveness of Romanian economy through research, development and innovation, Subprogramme 2.1 Competitiveness through research, development and innovation – Transfer project to the economic operator, PN-III-P2-2.1-PTE-2016-0215 – System for acquisition, monitoring, analysis and recognition of vibrations for critical infrastructure protection.