Border surveillance

The increase in cross-border crime through activities of smuggling, illegal border crossing, and illegal exploitation of marine resources represents a threat to the national security of a state.

Mira Telecom designs and implements complete solutions for land and maritime border protection. The solution for Border Police has the following features/elements:

  • Radars
  • Motion detection sensors
  • IT and communications integrated systems
  • Day/night cameras, cooled or uncooled thermal cameras
  • Software applications for monitoring, detection, and retrieval of information: Video Motion Detection (VDM), License Plate Recognition (LPR), Video Review Tools for quick extraction of crucial data from video recordings
  • C3 platform (Command, Control and Communication) – Mira Security Sphere – for the integrated management of the border surveillance activity (monitoring, detection, response, analysis, evaluation, and reporting)

Mira Security Sphere – the Command, Control, and Communications software platform is developed by Mira Telecom’s software team. The application can be customized to meet customer requirements.