Critical Infrastructure Protection

Terrorist attacks, and technological accidents in recent years expose the critical infrastructure to numerous risks and threats.

Mira Telecom offers protection solutions for the following critical infrastructures:

Nuclear Power Plants, Oil Refineries

Offshore Platformes

Military Bases


Public spaces: Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Banks, etc.


Business Centers

The solution developed by Mira Telecom, Mira Security System (MSS) is an integrated security system for monitoring, detecting, and warning of unauthorized access attempts or vandalism.

System architecture is complex and integrates the following main subsystems:

  • Access control
  • Video monitoring
  • Perimeter protection – detects and signals perimeter intrusion attempts
  • Burglary alarm – detects intrusion attempts into the security areas and alerts the response team in due time
  • Alarm management subsystem – web-based; uses a software application developed by Mira Telecom

The company has a complex portfolio of solutions specially designed for your unique critical environment. Every solution designed is developed to European standards and can be customized to the goals and needs of each client.