Safe city


Public safety, environmental protection, traffic optimization, street lighting, access to information for citizens and public administration, protection of the critical city infrastructure represent problems that citizens and public administration are facing every day.

The number of residents in cities grows every year, and the threats and risks to public security and health increase proportionally with the number of inhabitants. The citizens feel the increasing need to live in a safer and healthier environment. In the cities where the administrations implement the Safe city concept, people feel safe because they can rely on the response and security forces which defend and protect them against any threats. Also, air, soil, and water quality is monitored by smarts systems, which determines a swift response of the Local Administration to bring these parameters back within the limits where public health is not endangered.



Mira Telecom offers innovative Safe City solutions which allow the national and local authorities to ensure a good protection and a better management of emergencies through the Local, Regional, National, Fixed and Mobile Command Centers equipped with smart systems for the retrieval and processing of threats and incidents, for a quick and efficient response in order to solve the incidents.


The Safe City solution developed by Mira Telecom has the following components:

Monitoring and collecting field data in real time

through the sensors and data acquisition systems installed in different areas of the city. The sensors are CCTV systems, environmental monitoring systems, traffic management systems, street light monitoring systems, and any other system that provides relevant information to the security, protection and response forces and to the decision makers of the local, national, and regional administration.

Unified communications system

the information received from sensors and from people reach the Command Center in a complete state and in real time. The communications systems used are wireless, fiber-optic, LAN WAN, LTE, 4G.

Mira Security Sphere – incident and event management software platform

monitors, locates, records incidents, ensures the real time management the response by a quick and efficient allocation of resources. The operator and decision makers view the event location on a GIS application, the allocation of various resources (e.g. external and internal: specialized personnel, equipment, materials), the deployment of resources to the incident site, video information and records received in real time from the incident site. MSS integrates third-party applications in a centralized environment where relevant data are extracted. These are used used in analyses and reports, based on which the decision makers of the Administration, Police, and Emergency Services can take quick decisions to solve the incidents.


Safe City project starts with the assessment of Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks, carried out by security and emergency specialists. The assessment result underlies the solution that will be implemented in the Safe City project for a particular locality. The solution is scalable, flexible, adapts to the specific needs of the local administrations and ensures in the future the interconnection with other system for an increased operational efficiency.